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Guild Wars 2 to offer free Season 3 Living World episodes soon

Published: 08:41, 24 June 2021
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet announced the start date of collecting Season 3 Living World episodes for free in Guild Wars 2, after a brief pause following Season 2.

Season 2 episodes of Living World were given out to players who logged into Guild Wars 2 over the past weeks, two at a time, but that cycle has finished and a new season is about to start.

Guild Wars 2 will start awarding Season 3 episodes at the rate of one per week, starting on June 29, 2021. The story will be closely connected to strands that were started years ago and reveal many secrets we didn't know existed up until that point. It also deals with old enemies and their deities but also brings along friends we haven't seen in over 250 years.

Overall, this season of the Living World is some of the best storytelling Guild Wars 2 has to offer so make sure you don't forget to log in each week for the next six weeks and claim each episode - they are well worth the little trouble.

Besides the story, players will be introduced to six new open-world zones but keep in mind that you need Heart of Thorns expansion for these episodes. Without it, there is no entry and as such, they won't be playable. 

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns completion is not mandatory but you need to have it to play LW 3

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