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Guild Wars 2 to introduce quality of life changes to Dragon's End meta

Published: 01:38, 07 March 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Jade Sea meta in progress
Guild Wars 2 - Jade Sea meta in progress

ArenaNet noted they are following the fan feedback and announced a few changes that should make the newest meta event in Guild Wars 2 better overall.

Dragon's End meta event has proved to be divisive when it comes to fans rendering judgement on its quality. Some Guild Wars 2 players are glad that the difficulty is ramped up and praising it as the best meta ever while others are not so happy with the rules.

Anet acknowledged they want the meta to remain challenging but also that there are some issues that shouldn't be there and while they're present, they will keep making the l life harder for any nearby Commanders.

The update will make it so the Green Circle phase can no longer be cheesed and players will have to make sure all the circles are taken and everyone returned to the main platform. Additionally, players will have only 75 seconds to complete the task, down from 120. It sounds bad but the change should eventually result in more time to DPS the boss.

While more time to beat on a dragon is always welcome, those who deal with the green circles will also enjoy a longer duration of the buff that increases their damage.

Meanwhile, the Exposed debuff from breaking the stun bar will now stick around for 30 seconds, instead of just 10. This refers to both the final boss and mini bosses.

There should also be more clarity about the state of the final boss, whether it's stunned or vulnerable, allowing players to react quicker. Now if only there were a way to guarantee more than one break bar per fight, it would be great.

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