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Guild Wars 2 teases Revenant Vindicator elite spec

Published: 02:32, 15 September 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Vindicator Revenant
Guild Wars 2 - Vindicator Revenant

ArenaNet released a teaser for the Revenant elite specialisation in Guild Wars 2, showing interesting mechanics and weird lore interactions.

Just like numerous fans predicted so far, the Revenant elite specialisation in Guild Wars 2 : End of Dragons will be using a greatsword. Others predicted that the legends they will invoke will be those of Viktor and Archemorus, which also turned out to be correct.

Considering the duo's interactions with Shiro Tagachi, one of the other legends Revenants draw power from, certain builds could become rather memetic in nature. Saint Viktor was a Kurzick hero while Archemorus is the Luxon equivalent. These two stopped Shiro in life and it will be interesting to see how they will interact beyond it, if at all.

Another interaction that might be awkward is one of the Vindicator's abilities. It appears that Archemorus pops up and throws a spear at an enemy. If the implications turn out to be correct, and this happens to be the famed Spear of Archemorus , it would mean that the Revenant's ghostly buddy is throwing a spear made of his own bones.

Another interesting moment from the trailer is related to the gameplay itself. Vindicator has the ability to perform a devastating jump and the narrator notes that these Revenants prefer to "leap straight into battle, instead of dodging". This could mean the dodge mechanic will be replaced in a manner similar to Daredevil spec for Thieves but it's safe to assume this will be a tough one to balance.

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