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Guild Wars 2 Season 4 Episode 6 War Eternal release date revealed

Published: 22:20, 09 May 2019
Screenshot from Guild Wars 2, taking in the scenery
Guild Wars 2

Arena Net have announced Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 6 will launch on 14 May 2019 and will tell the next chapter of the story with Kralkatorrik while the trailer teases that some characters may defy death, for plot purposes.

Arena Net will bring about the end of Living World Season 4 on 14 May 2019 when players will finally get another batch of the storyline as they were left with sort of a cliffhanger mixed with a bit of grief at the end of Episode 5, All or Nothing.

The trailer shows major spoilers for anyone who hasn't played All or Nothing so viewer discretion is advised and the same disclaimer applies to this article as well.

War Eternal trailer shows how people the Commander has brought together are grieving in the aftermath of the battle where Aurene met a tragic end but the narrator claims that "death is not the end but possibly the end of the beginning", hinting that the young dragon may come back to life.

This wouldn't be too unexpected since fans spent a long time speculating that something like this could happen. Aurene is a dragon, after all, and they tend to absorb the powers of creatures they eat. Aurene ate Palawa Joko, the undead lich no one managed to kill for the longest time.

The story will not be the only thing ArenaNet will add with War Eternal. Some new features, including SkyScale will be added to Guild Wars 2. This new mount will be able to climb walls and fly, making it an excellent choice when navigating maps that favour verticality.

ArenaNet Picture of a player character looking at an Exalted map Guild Wars 2 - What could that big energy reading be?

A new legendary greatsword, Exordium, will be added in the same update. This is a sword that will change form based on the attack skill that triggered the animation.

Those who favour armour when it comes to Fashion Wars 2 will have Mist Shard armour set to occupy themselves with.

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire expansion will be on a 50 per cent discount until 19 May 2019 in celebration of the new content.

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