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Guild Wars 2 re-launches the first season of Living World

Published: 16:01, 19 April 2022
Guild Wars 2 LW Season 1
Guild Wars 2 LW Season 1

ArenaNet is reviving the oldest among Living World stories as the Season 1 is coming back to Guild Wars 2, giving new players more context on certain characters.

Newcomers to Guild Wars 2 , as well as pretty much anyone who joined in more than half a decade back, didn't really get the chance to grasp the gravity of Mai Trin's familiar in End of Dragons. The leading reason for that is the inability to play the first season of the Living World as it was missing for a long time.

On April 19, 2022, ArenaNet updated the game, allowing players to revisit the old storyline that sowed narrative seeds that kept blooming all the way to the latest happenings in Tyria.

Did you ever wonder where we got to meet Rox, Braham, Kasmeer and Marjorie? Did you wonder why Lion's Arch looks different in the personal story around level 40? It is the first season of the Living World that will give you these answers and simply logging in to claim it will mean you get the content for free.

This will be an episodic release, just like any other Living World content and you will not get all the answers immediately but having played that content, I can assure you the development and culmination are well worth the wait, so I urge you not to read the spoilers through Wiki or any other resources.

In this first episode, we'll be facing the Molten Alliance and while old achievements are coming back, there will also be new rewards up for grabs, in the form of themed armour and weapons.

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