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ArenaNet are awarding a Volkswagen Beetle for a Guild Wars 2 race

Published: 11:23, 27 November 2018
Picture of a car that will be the main prize for an upcoming Guild Wars 2 event
Guild Wars 2 - Volkswagen Roller Beetle

MMORPGs are not exactly the pinnacle of eSports, but ArenaNet have been pushing boundaries since 2006. Now, their flagship title, Guild Wars 2, will offer a somewhat different competition - Roller Beetle Racing that will award a car.

ArenaNet are getting creative with event rewards it seems, as they are not simply adding prize pools reflected in simple money rewards. Roller Beetle Racing is the latest event testifying to this, as they have announced the rewards for simply participating.

Participating players can win minor rewards, such as mousepads, that get progressively better as each week passes. For example, the next cheapest reward is a Razer peripheral set, standing at $500 value, as the main reward for the first week.

Week two will offer an Aurora R7 gaming rig by Alienware, bundled in with a 25 inch Alienware monitor. The prize is worth $4.500, but gets beaten by the prize of week three, which stands at $5.000 and is a 55 inch TV bundled with a soundbar.

Week four prize trumps the other prizes though, since it's a vacation in San Diego, with an estimated worth of $10.000, but the winner will have a choice between utilising the offer or going for $8.000 in cash.

The grand prize is a car though, the Volkswagen Beetle A5, themed after the Roller Beetle mounts that will be essential for participating in the event. ArenaNet didn't reveal the car's specifications though, but it would certainly be a fun twist if it turned out to be the version with the 2.5L inline-five engine, so players could win an actual racing beetle from, well, Roller Beetle Racing.

While the prize pool is not as big as that of some other eSport competitions, ArenaNet certainly didn't lack creativity with the rewards for this Guild Wars 2 event. Then again, they did lay some foundations for modern MOBA eSports with rather high prizes for that time, as well as a deep PvP system in the original Guild Wars.

Anyway, Roller Beetle Racing will be a sweepstake in nature so the prize distribution will be determined by luck. Players will get each week they participate in the events, and the winners will be drawn randomly.

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