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Guild Wars 2 offers Gem Shop freebies until next month

Published: 23:42, 27 November 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet folks are dishing out Black Friday sales in Guild Wars 2 but also rewarding players with free Gem Shop items, at the rate of one per day.

Guild Wars 2's Gem Shop is populated by convenience items that are usually bought through microtransactions as their worth is questionable when purchasing with gold. However, ArenaNet sometimes provides these for free and Black Friday is one such occasion. You will be able to grab one item each day until the end of November 2020 each day.

Free Gem Store item schedule is as follows:

  • November 26 - Heroic Booster
  • November 27 - Build Template Expansion
  • November 28 - 2 Black Lion Statuettes
  • November 29 - 5 Transmutation Charges
  • November 30 - Revive Orb

While freebies are generally great to have, the build template expansion is probably the best catch on the list. It is followed by the Black Lion statuettes which can be converted into convenience items of your choosing and are usually rare since they come from loot boxes. 

On the other hand, if you are keeping a free character slot and diligently farming that one key each Monday, you may be overflowing with the statuettes. Then again, this would be equal to two resets' worth of effort.

Transmutation charges are quite common in Guild Wars 2 since exploration often awards them to the players but the game didn't get named "Fashion Wars 2" by the fan base for nothing. It's always good to have more of these on hand, just in case you happen to like a new look again.

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