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Guild Wars 2 offers free cosmetics to help suicide prevention

Published: 01:41, 02 September 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Seize the Awkward items
Guild Wars 2 - Seize the Awkward items

ArenaNet partnered up with Seize the Awkward in order to help prevent suicides and to that end, they are giving out cosmetic items in the Gem Store for the majority of September 2020.

Guild Wars 2 can pick up their freebies from the Gem Store by simply logging in and going to the store panel. If the Featured tab doesn't display the free items immediately, just click Promotion and you should be able to find a free T-Shirt and a potion that will grant yellow speech bubbles. You can pick up these freebies already and the deadline to do so is September 29, 2020.

The reason for the giveaway is that September is a Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and ArenaNet is partnering up with Seize the Awkward which is a campaign that is meant to encourage everyone to reach out to friends, or in this case - guildmates, who might be having issues with mental health.

Checking in with a guildie could potentially mean their life gets saved as signs of attention can be of great help in such situations. 

Besides the Gem Store freebies, ArenaNet will be hosting a virtual panel alongside the Ad Council. Named Build Your Guild: Make and Support Friends in Gaming, the panel will be happening on September 12 on the event's Twitch channel . Broadcasting times will be from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM PT / 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM GMT.

If you are not in the immediate virtual vicinity of someone who needs help but you still want to pitch in, a screenshot with the T-Shirt could go a long way on Twitter, especially because there will be #GuildWars2 and #SeizeTheAwkward campaigns running during this period.

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