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Guild Wars 2 nerfs condition builds that went out of hand with last patch

Published: 08:37, 26 May 2021
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet recently changed the way some conditions work in Guild Wars 2 and they are now adjusting the power of some builds so they don't deal too much damage.

Condition builds because ridiculously powerful after the May 11 update in GW2, offering DPS strong enough for experienced players to speed run raid bosses with half the squad . It is these builds that are the primary targets for nerfing in May 25 update.

When the conditions got buffed two weeks ago, it mostly revolved around the change in the way Torment works - it would now deal more damage to stationary targets, effectively doubling its power against raid bosses.

As such, it is Torment application across the board that is getting kicked in the shins . Mesmers using staff and Winds of Chaos will now apply Torment for just two seconds, as opposed to the previous five which is a significant nerf to the Alacrity condi builds.

Meanwhile, Scourge Necros will get less benefit from Demonic Lore trait. It used to improve Torment damage by 33 per cent but that is down to 25 with the latest balance pass. That said, Scourge will probably remain highly effective as condi DPS.

Deadeyes suddenly topped the DPS charts with P/D combo as they could apply Torment regularly as well. However, their Torment application has now been cut by 50 per cent as Shadow Strike will provide only two stacks as opposed to the four they had earlier. That chain was nerfed further since Repeater will now provide one Bleeding stack fewer.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Sabetha Guild Wars 2 - Sabetha

Now it only remains to be seen if someone comes up with an effective Berserker condi build with an off-hand sword since it still applies four stacks of Torment with a chunky duration on them.

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