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Guild Wars 2 is leaning into the original's nostalgia with future cosmetics

Published: 01:10, 07 April 2021
Guild Wars Factions
Guild Wars Factions

Guild Wars 2 is getting a few cosmetic additions soon, some of which will cause a chunky bit of nostalgia for the fans of the original game and its first expansion.

Guild Wars: Factions will have been released 15 years ago on April 28, 2021. It is probably for this reason that ArenaNet decided to introduce some cosmetics from the famed expansion into Guild Wars 2 this year.

Those who remember the promotional material, as well as a certain armour set for the Assassin profession in the first game, will be delighted with the addition of True Assassin's Guise outfit which will be released at some point during this month.

The info is coming from a data miner that follows up every patch with a list of additions that are primed to make a debut in the Gem Store and given the fact that this information proved correct innumerable times before, there is no reason to start doubting it now.

True Assassin's Guise is the fancy new name for the armour set that was called Seitung armour back in Guild Wars Factions. It is also the iconic set worn by Vizu in the promotional material for Factions, where she actually looks like Nika.

Furthermore, this is not the only bit of Guild Wars nostalgia that is coming to GW2. 

One of the most prestigious items from the original game, Bone Dragon Staff, is also coming back as a cosmetic, although it sports a somewhat new look that leans more into the concept art rather than the model that made into the original Guild Wars.

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