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Guild Wars 2 is having earthquakes, heralding future content

Published: 20:53, 12 November 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Tyrian commanders are feeling earthquakes while playing Guild Wars 2 and the reports seem to be increasing in frequency as the new content drop is nearing release.

Things are shaking up in Guild Wars 2 and by "things" we mean the ground. Players are experiencing periodic earthquakes in Tyria which is something veterans of the series will remember even from the original game.

This is a prelude for the reappearance of the Destroyers, minions of the Elder dragon Primordus, who are probably the main culprits behind the earthquakes this time around. In the first game, it was their would-be victims who were trying to blowing up underground passages so the destroyers couldn't follow them.

In the opening chapter of Champions , it is quite possible either Destroyers or Primordus itself is making the ground shake and we are not going to meet any allies while helping them escape the fiery dragon's minions.

However, there are some allied factions that will be assisting us in the attempts to stop Primordus, as you can see on the link above, and Jormag itself. In a never before seen plot point, the icy dragon seems to be a rival of the fiery one, and is insisting it's trying to help us.

Given Jormag's previously established nature of manipulating everything and everyone, it's hard to imagine this truce will last for long but that is the name of the first chapter and it's possible we are not going to get backstabbed just yet.

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