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Guild Wars 2: Icebrood Saga voice acting is returning in November

Published: 13:56, 28 October 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Drizzlewood Coast
Guild Wars 2 - Drizzlewood Coast

ArenaNet provided an update on the current state of voice acting in Episodes 3 and 4 of the Icebrood Saga and added a roadmap on when we can expect the culmination of the latest Guild Wars 2 story.

No Quarter and Jormag Rising are getting their voice acting on November 17, 2020, when Guild Wars 2 will be updated with The Icebrood Saga: Champions. So you must be wondering what Champions is now.

Well, it appears to be ANet's new way of handling Living World. The multichapter finale will feature more story, repeatable gameplay content, rewards, achievements and masteries. Basically the next part of the LW but it's probably going to have cliffhangers until the final conclusion. 

According to the roadmap , there will be four chapters of Champions, released over the course of half a year, on a bi-monthly schedule:

  • November 2020 - Chapter 1: Truce
  • January 2021 - Chapter 2: Power
  • March 2021 - Chapter 3: Balance
  • May 2021 - Chapter 4: Judgement

Considering the naming, it's easy to figure out the focus will be the possible clash between the commander and Jormag's champion. However, the months between chapter releases will not be devoid of content. December 2020 will have Wintersday festival while February 2021 will celebrate Lunar New Year which will possibly be the last one without Cantha being included in the game.

April 2021 will see the return of the Super Adventure so prepare yourselves for pixelated platforming, GW2 style.

Another important bit of content we will receive are the replayable dragon response missions. Each chapter will introduce new ones and this content will be playable either solo or in a group. 

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2

There is currently no info on what the rewards for doing these missions will be but it's highly possible we're going to get more info in the weeks leading up to Champions - Chapter 1: Truce. 

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