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Guild Wars 2 Halloween event is coming next week

Published: 02:23, 07 October 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet announced the annual Halloween event for Guild Wars 2 which will bring back some of the most sought after skins and other goodies in the honour of the Mad King himself.

Mad King is returning to Tyria on October 13, 2020, and will remain on the continent for three weeks, until November 3. During this time, the players will get the opportunity to wade into the Mad Realm and its inhabitants will come out to interact with the players.

Now, some may just be there for the purposes of the festivities while others will definitely be hostile and players will need to deal with them with extreme prejudice. 

Lunatic Inquisition is coming back along with Mad King's Clock Tower jumping puzzle and Mad King's Raceway, which is kind self-explanatory as far as the purpose goes. Players will be able to challenge the Mad King himself in the Ascent to Madness while those looking to sate their thirst for blood can visit the aforementioned hostile Mad Realm dwellers in Mad King's Labyrinth.

Lion's Arch will once again be decorated in the Halloween theme, constantly be shrouded in the veil of night and haunted by the Mad King.

Participating in the activities will award players Pieces of Candy Corn and achievements tied to the Halloween festival. 

Those looking to further their Fashion Wars game can look forward to Demon-Haunted weapons which will make their debut alongside this year's edition of the event.

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