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Guild Wars 2 adds contest weapons, breaks login in the process

Published: 21:03, 07 August 2018
Picture of a Charr holding the Scion's Claw sword in Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 - Scion's Claw

ArenaNet are known for throwing Design-A-Weapon contests and subsequently introducing the winning designs into their games. Such is the case with the three latest additions to Guild Wars 2 that will be available through collections.

Many fans were relieved to hear that the new weapons will not be in the gem store or Black Lion Weapon Specialists' inventories. They will be unlocked entirely through gameplay, through three collections to be exact.

Players will receive mail notifying them about the collections and where to complete them when they log in and travel to Lion's Arch. If they manage to log in, that is. The update introducing the weapons also introduced an issue that keeps booting players out of the game once they get past the character screen, but it's being worked on at the time of writing.

Quality of the new weapons seems to be rather high, as you would expect from contest winners. The weapons in question are Scion's Claw, Eclipse and Favor of the Colossus - a sword, a greatsword and a torch, respectively. You can preview each of these items' concept art on the official , and what they actually look like in the game in the by ArenaNet.

There is more to obtaining these weapons than just completing a collection, as players are praising the tiny bits of story connected to them from the bottom of their lungs. Therefore, don't be discouraged to actually read the mail you receive just because it's slightly longer than the Dragonbrand and filled with Asuran mumbo jumbo.

ArenaNet Picture of a human wielding Eclipse in Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 - Eclipse

Each story will take place on a different map, as mentioned in the official post and will be somewhat personalised for the weapon in question. Players will have to sacrifice some materials in order to craft the Vision Crystal necessary to start the collection, so it may be wise to start buying those materials before their price gets inflated.

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