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Guild Wars 2 gets capes seven years after release

Published: 16:11, 04 December 2019
Guild Wars 2: Return of the Capes
Guild Wars 2: Return of the Capes

ArenaNet finally added capes to Guild Wars 2, after years of fan requests. Then they locked most of them behind a paywall but some progress is better than no progress, probably.

Guild Wars 2 got its first capes, a staggering seven years after release. Considering they were such a big deal and fundamental part of the first Guild Wars, players were dumbfounded why ArenaNet refused to add them to the sequel.

Fast forward to 3 December 2019, the developers finally took these requests to heart and r that the players can choose from. The fact that fans are not exactly ecstatic about the announcement could be misread as them being indifferent after all but it's ANet's decision making that smothered the flame.

As it turns out, the Emblazoned Cape is purchased from Black Lion Trading Company, the in-game store that deals with premium currency and only the colours on it can be customised. In other words, you have to pay real-life money for the cape or grind like there is no tomorrow, in hopes of getting enough Gold to convert into Gems and finally buy the cape.

Those who want a cape but don't want microtransactions or grinding can get the Basic Guild Cape in the Guild Hall. This one truly lives up to the name as it's a short drape that barely covers a character's back and displays the guild emblem.

Meanwhile, the first Guild Wars, a game from 15 years ago offers customisation of the capes via:

  • emblems with various designs and colours, 
  • detail colour,
  • background colour,
  • detail pattern and
  • cape pattern

All of that comes at zero extra cost to the players. Considering a decade and a half had passed since that time, one would expect in-game features to progress, not regress and especially not to be monetised after losing features.

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