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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons shows off jade bots and new Kaineng City

Published: 14:02, 08 February 2022
Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - Jade Bot
Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - Jade Bot

ArenaNet previously showed off the new Kaineng City in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons and the new trailer shows a few corners more while displaying the new Jade Bot mechanics.

Kaineng City is the centre of Canthan activity even more than 250 years after the original Guild Wars. The city has gone through destruction via flooding and has risen up with the new cyberpunk-like looks and gadgets all over the place, courtesy of Jade Tech.

The New Kaineng featurette already showed some of these aspects of the city and you can check them out once again in the trailer below. However, ArenaNet showed off a little bit more of the city with the newer video, focusing on the Jade Bots.

Players will get these floaty contraptions to help them out on adventures throughout Cantha as they will serve as the new incentive for farming Mastery bars. 

It's not only through mastery grind that these hovering bots will gain their abilities though. A new inventory slot will open up and be dedicated to the bots, allowing players to interact with certain types of environment in GW2 . Some examples include stealing batteries from Jade Tech and powering up other tech, as well as using zip-lines where they exist.

The other slots that are dedicated to the modules will provide additional utility, like speeding up the player's skiff or energising their mount.

One pretty interesting bit shown in the trailer is the ability to propel the player vertically, at which point they can use the glider uninterrupted.

The bot can even show love for the kittens. Just make sure you don't Connor them .

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