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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons release date officially confirmed

Published: 14:00, 01 February 2022
Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons
Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons

ArenaNet released a new trailer for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion that provided more context on the story, showed some gameplay and revealed the release date.

Guild Wars 2 : End of Dragons release date is February 28, 2022. 

The information was relayed through a trailer that was pretty packed for a video that lasts two minutes and 21 seconds. It offers additional hints on the situation in Cantha, without spoiling the story. Essentially, Cantha has been isolated for more than two centuries and has managed to thrive during that time, in large part thanks to the Jade Tech inventions.

There is also a brief glimpse of the new fishing features, including the skiffs that will be used to sail entire parties to fishing hotspots. Siege Turtles are once again shown as the first multiplayer mounts along with the nine new elite specialisations.

In the way of the story we will go through, the trailer pretty much describes how it comes to pass that our characters end up in Cantha. We are on a mission as ambassadors of the rest of Tyria since the Canthan empire has become incredibly powerful and it would be bad to be on less than friendly terms with them.

ArenaNet will reveal even more as we are nearing the release date, via Twitch and YouTube , with the following schedule:

  • February 4—New Kaineng City Map Tour
  • February 11—Jade Tech Mastery Preview
  • February 18—Music of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Preview
  • Late February (presumably February 28) —Launch Day Celebration 
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