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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons guild hall is a throwback to the original game

Published: 14:01, 19 January 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Isle of Reflection
Guild Wars 2 - Isle of Reflection

ArenaNet are peppering Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons with nostalgic moments for the GW1 fans and the new guild hall is one of them.

Guild Wars is a unique MMO that did a lot of things right and for that reason, it still has a loyal fan base that regularly plays the game. ArenaNet devs recognise this and new content in Guild Wars 2 often contains references to the first game, if not direct interactions, more than two in-game centuries later.

This is also the case with the new guild hall that is arriving with End of Dragons as it's a location we've already visited during Winds of Change in the original game. Considering the trailer for the guild hall was around for a while now, it's commendable the devs managed to put it together without giving away its historical significance.

Namely, Isle of Reflection is the same island we went to in order to fight Minister Reiko, concluding the Winds of Change series of quests as we brought down the troublesome Ministry of Purity. Since then, Cantha has moved on and the isle is now available for the guilds wishing to capture some pretty lavish housing.

One of the reasons the trailer was able to obfuscate the connection to the OG Guild Wars is that this is one massive Guild Hall and there was plenty of room to shoot promotional material without spoiling too much.

Furthermore, the isle features a lot of aquatic space that allows the summoning of skiffs, which then allows you to fish around for the resources that will be important for several reasons once the End of Dragons lands.

Another bit of good news for the potential guilds is that this hall can be captured by smaller guilds too as the challenge was designed with them in mind. In fact, one of the developers noted they managed to successfully capture it alone, which is definitely something that will put smiles on numerous smaller communities in the game.

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