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Guild Wars 2 converts Warriors into boon machines next week

Published: 15:04, 25 June 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Warrior
Guild Wars 2 - Warrior

ArenaNet is taking a dubious balance patch out to live servers next week, making the Warriors into glorified buff bots, while completely missing the mark with crit buffs.

Warriors are often seen as one of the weaker professions in Guild Wars 2 since everything they can do, another profession can do better. ArenaNet seems to have tried to make them more relevant by providing an avenue through Boons, as all the banner skills will now focus on pumping these out following the update on June 28, 2022.

With the new changes, Warrior can provide various pulsing boons through the following skills:

  • Banner of Defense: Resistance for 1 second
  • Banner of Discipline: Fury for 1 second
  • Banner of Strength: Might for 5 seconds
  • Banner of Tactics: Regeneration for 1 second
  • Battle Standard: Might for 5 seconds, Fury for 1 second, Swiftness for 1 second

Additionally, you will be able to pick up and reposition banners like before but this also means you can't reduce their cooldowns by picking one up. Apparently, the skill bar that you would get when picking up a banner before the original overhaul will not make a comeback but the banners will pulse the boons while you're carrying them around.

All the banners saw a reduced base cooldown and investing in Double Standards will increase the duration of their boons by 50 per cent. Overall, this seems like yet another thing Warriors will be able to do but will be outperformed by other professions.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2


This change alone led the community to wonder whether the balance team is in touch with the profession at all and those suspicions were expanded further upon seeing that the five per cent crit chance bonus was tied to the Arms talent tree, which is normally used for Condition builds.

If you are a fan of Warriors in Guild Wars 2, this patch may not be for you and given the pace at which the profession's well-being was adjusted in the past decade, the wait will be a lengthy one.

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