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Guild Wars 2 announces a new expansion, Steam debut and a sale

Published: 22:33, 25 August 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet folks are celebrating Guild Wars 2's eighth anniversary in style as they announced a trifecta of great news. Fans can look forward to new content, player base increase and cheaper entry fee.

Guild Wars 2's eighth-anniversary celebration is in full swing as the first batch of characters have already gained their birthday gifts, the Festival of the Four Winds is still going on and the devs announced a pile of good news.

First up, there is a new expansion. It will take us to Cantha, as was teased beforehand during 2020 but now we have some more info on it. The expansion will be called End of Dragons, which hopefully means we will finally get some new antagonists - we've been fighting Elder Dragons for eight years now after all.

However, not all dragons in Tyria are bad. This was previously seen with Aurene in Tyria the continent and there is now Kuunavang, an old acquaintance from the first game. The trailer below shows her debating with a mysterious voice that may or may not be the water dragon or even Jormag. It might be best to take a look below and draw conclusions yourself.

Before the expansion arrives in 2021, we will likely see an increase in Guild Wars 2 player base since the game is getting released on Steam in November 2020.

Before that happens though, there is the 50 per cent off sale that will let newcomers get all the available campaigns for as little as $15 / €15. Keep in mind that there are Living World episodes, which progress the story outside the campaign, which essentially cost money since newcomers don't have enough gold to pay with it. These episodes will easily ramp up the price to a full AAA game's price tag.

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