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GTA Online will get exclusive PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC content

Published: 16:27, 04 August 2020
Updated: 16:28, 04 August 2020
GTA Online
GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V has been around for a while now, but you wouldn't know from looking at the numbers. And we now know that PlayStation, Xbox Series X and PC will be getting a treat from Rockstar.

Unfortunately, that and a loose date are all we got from Take-Two Interactive's first-quarter earnings call, but at least we know that Rockstar are not launching on next-gen consoles just to do it. 

In the aforementioned call, Take-Two stated that there will be content exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC and that it's expected sometime in 2021. We suppose it's safe to expect new missions and a bunch of vehicles, as it's usually the case when GTA jumps generations. 

The popular franchise is supposed to arrive in style too, with Rockstar promising "a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements". 

While we wouldn't expect anything spectacular, the playing experience should be improved with everything PS5 and XSX offer. Lightning-fast read times immediately come to mind, and they should translate into responsiveness, but we wonder whether Rockstar come up with something for Sony's DualSense controllers.

Sony ditched the ever-obsolete touchpad, focusing instead on DualSense's haptic controllers. We've been pretty excited to see what a bit of creativity could produce on PS5's new controller, but we're just speculating here.

Nevertheless, PS5's shiny new controller is a bundle of potential and if developers find it worth experimenting with - we're fairly certain it would do wonders for immersion.

TeamKill Media Quantum Error's sci-fi setting Quantum Error will put all PS5 flagship features to the test!

Quantum Error's developer, for instance, was quite delighted with the added immersion that haptic feedback brings. In fact, they're developing the game so that players not only know where they were shot by feel - they can pinpoint where they're being shot from too, without even looking.

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GTA Online by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive

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