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Grey Wardens will be featured in Dragon Age 4

Published: 13:15, 03 May 2021
Dragon Age 4 - Grey Warden
Dragon Age 4 - Grey Warden

Dragon Age universe is loved for its iconic characters, nations and organisations and it is a fan-favourite from the last group that was teased by BioWare most recently.

Grey Wardens cemented their place in the fans' hearts right from the get-go. As soon as we picked up Dragon Age: Origins, we were recruited by the order and throughout the three games so far, we've learned about their highs and lows, secrets and public image and no matter how much we get, we could use more.

With that in mind, BioWare's executive producer, Christian Dailey, couldn't go wrong by teasing the Wardens on his Twitter account. The image shows a member of the order with a sword, shield and the Warden armour any fan of the series would recognise from a mile away.

You could technically speculate that this could be just an image of a Warden from any of the games so far but the promotional font has been changing with each entry. The "Dragon Age" next to the Warden is in the same font that is used for Dragon Age 4 so it's a clear cut teaser for the upcoming title.

Considering that DA4 will be set in Tevinter , it will be interesting to see the Wardens' interactions with the locals since it was mages from this land that indirectly caused the creation of the order in the first place.

Furthermore, the Wardens' headquarters is in the neighbouring area of Anderfels, meaning the teaser could be more than it looks like initially. Inquisition had both Orlais and Ferelden, after all.

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