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Atlas finally launches, only to disappoint 77% of players

Published: 11:43, 23 December 2018
Updated: 18:58, 24 December 2018
Grapeshot Games
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Grapeshot Games have finally managed to launch Atlas, but now it's on a good track to be more of a disappointment than Fallout 76 was. Many are calling it a reskin of ARK: Survival Evolved, while others claim it was originally DLC.

How does one produce a mess that overshadows Fallout 76 as the biggest disappointment in 2018 when they have only eight days left until 2019 kicks off? Ask Grapeshot Games, who not only pushed the release of Atlas back several times, but when they finally launched the game, people couldn't get past the login screen.

To make matters worse, the game seems to be unoptimised, runs poorly and those who do manage to somehow play, they immediately see Atlas for what it is. A large chunk of the community is calling Grapeshot Games out for releasing a reskin of ARK: Survival Evolved, while others took it one step further and that proved Atlas was originally meant to be DLC for ARK.

The similarity between the two games now makes more sense, as it's basically the same game. To be fair to Grapeshot, they didn't release Atlas as a fully priced game, as it is standing at £23.79 / €24,99 / $24,99, which is usually the price range for an expansion pack.

On the flip side, had Atlas been released as an actual expansion for ARK, it would mean Season Pass owners would get it without paying extra. By releasing Atlas as a separate game, Grapeshot can completely bypass ARK's Season Pass, but now it looks like the venture is not going to be that profitable.

By the time it took me to write the headline for this article, until this sentence, positive reviews on Steam went from 23 per cent down to 22 per cent, and they are likely to go down even further.

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After Bethesda managed to keep Fallout 76 bashing alive until the end of 2018 due to getting caught in a different controversy every so often, no one really expected another developer to beat them in the fan disappointment race for the year. Yet, despite different rating methods on Metacritic and Steam, Fallout 76 holds a 2.6/10 user score on the former, while Atlas is at 22/100 on Steam.

As a cherry on top, it was one of the Steam games that were on the most user wishlists, .

Atlas is a pirate-themed MMO by the creators of ARK

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