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Godfall: Primal Update adds Tower of Trials 2.0, loot- trading vendors

Published: 06:32, 13 February 2021
Gearbox Publishing
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Counterplay Games and Gearbox have rolled out a hefty update to Godfall. Dubbed the Primal Update, it adds a number of features, including Tower of Trials 2.0 and loot-trading vendors.

The goal was for the Primal Update to bring more challenging content for endgame players, as well as introduce a new loot category called Primal Items. 

Godfall's first change are the Ascension Levels, which will let you power up long after you've hit the level cap. Players can earn new Ascension Powers and Ascension Bonuses, making their builds tougher with each upgrade. 

In addition to Ascension Levels, Godfall players are getting Primal Items, which inject massive buffs to items' primary traits. And, thanks to the shiny new Player Stats Screen, you'll be able to view the impact of these effects much better. 

Counterplay Games Godfall's shiny new Player Stats Screen Godfall's shiny new Player Stats Screen

Regular and Ascended versions of the Tower of Trials got a hefty overhaul and more content, which includes new objectives, better rewards, bigger challenges and surprise events that will make you improvise and test the quality of your builds. 

You're not getting off easy though - Ascended Tower of Trials is the only way to get Primal Items, although both versions will have you picking Banes, i.e. negative effects that in turn improve your loot bonus. The advanced version comes heavily condensed, though, with 30 Trials and more keys per Trial. 

Counterplay Games Godfall, Ascended ToT and ToT Bane picking Godfall, Ascended ToT and ToT will have you picking Banes - the harder they are, the better the bonus

Counterplay also listed the following changes, and announced radio silence as the team shift their attention to the promised expansion.

  • Dreamstones - Dreamstones have undergone extensive changes, including improved loot targeting and increased Electrum rewards. We’ve also added an entirely new class of items called Volatile Dreamstones that can further improve your rewards.   
  • Zenun Shopkeeper - Zenun is now an in-game vendor that lets you buy weapons with your in-game resources to gear up for your challenge runs. Head to the Sanctum to see what Zenun has available for you today!
  • More QoL - This content update includes various bug fixes, player weapon refinements, co-op tech enhancements and other QoL improvements. The full list of updates can be found below.

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