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Godfall patch introduces quality of life and stability updates

Published: 20:25, 09 December 2020
Counterplay Games
Godfall character in futuristic armour
Godfall by Counterplay Games

Counterplay Games released patch 2.2.4 for Godfall which mostly focused on fixing the technically issues the game had and the devs promised more are on the way.

Godfall's launch wasn't exactly stellar as both players and critics found many faults with the game, including stability problems and numerous bugs. It is both of these issues that update 2.2.4 tackles partially but CG noted they are working on more fixes and are asking players to continue providing feedback. It appears that there is a bigger update on the way in the coming weeks.

Anyway, focusing on the present, there are some updates available for all platforms and one fix for PS5 only. It is a play-requested change and the console owners will get tuned HDR output settings to reduce overexposure and bloom.

The updates that are available on all platforms include the following:

  • Fix for the multiplayer blank screen for the match host, if another player hasn't unlocked a boss encounter
  • Fix for the placeholder textures that appeared after browsing menus during a cutscene
  • Fix for objectives not updating properly
  • Fix for ranged enemies in Tower of Trials attacking in melee
  • Fix for enemies losing player tracking in Tower of Trials
  • Fix for enemies that stop spawning after simultaneously killing the last ones in a wave
  • Fix for ray tracing in Air Realm that severely impacted framerate
  • Fix for rendering crash while browsing personal menus
  • Fix for crashes with internal spatial significance system miscommunication with the server
  • Addition of better logic for enemy spawns to prevent appearing in inaccessible spots of the map
  • Addition of servers in Singapore, Sydney and Canada for better multiplayer experience

Godfall, action-RPG by Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Godfall by Counterplay Games

The devs also noted that they are aware of the glitch that prevents non-weapon secondary traits from increasing after upgrading to Rank 3. It will be addressed in the previously mentioned big update.

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