God of War: Ragnarok Beginner tips - Things you need to know before playing

Published: 08:49, 09 November 2022
God of War: Ragnarök will continue its journey into Norse mithology
Here's what you need to know before playing God of War: Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is a very hard game so here are some beginner tips and tricks that will help you on your journey.

After a long wait, Sony's new PlayStation exclusive God of War: Ragnarok is finally here. If you're one of those players who eagerly anticipated the game and have just jumped in to experience the latest adventure from Sony Santa Monica Studio, don't skip this list of tips and tricks you should need to know before playing.

These beginner tips, made by SwanyPlaysGames , are gold and we found them super useful early in the game so definitely check them out as they will help you a lot to on your journey in Midgard.

So without further ado, here are eight beginner tips for God of War: Ragnarok. 

God of War Ragnarok tips and tricks

  1. Find Ravens to unlock some of the best gear in the game
    Unlike God of War 2018, Ravens in Ragnarok unlock some of the best armour and weapons. There are close to 50 ravens in the game and you'll find them across the map. As you find more ravens, you'll unlock better gear so keep an eagle eye on this one.

  2. Check Labors Tab in the Goals menu for big XP boost
    Labors require you to kill enemies in different ways and once you complete a certain Labor, you'll get a big batch of XP. For example, some Labors require you to kill enemies using your Blades, others require killing enemies from above or finding certain collectables and so on. We suggest you regularly track these to get XP and level up much faster.

  3.  Don't waste time trying to open Green Doors and solve smoke holes
    You'll find many locked Green Doors in God of War Ragnarok as well as mysterious holes with smoke coming out of them. Ignore these and just play the story since these cannot be unlocked until later on when you get specific skills that will help you unlock them.

  4. Set Auto Pick up to "Full" in the accessibility settings
    Having this option set on "Full" means you don't have to press the circle button to pick up healing stones in the middle of an intense boss fight. Kratos will automatically pick up items, allowing you to focus on the fight, instead of pressing the buttons to pick up stones.

  5. If you're struggling with minibosses, turn on "Miniboss Checkpoints"
    With the miniboss checkpoints option turned on, the game will automatically save your progress when you reduce the health of a boss to a certain percentage. Go to Accessibility settings, then under the Combat section find Miniboss Checkpoints and set it to On. This option does not work on the two highest difficulty settings.

  6. If timed Puzzles are frustrating you, set Puzzle Timing to "Extended"
    Puzzles can be really hard in God of War: Ragnarok, especially those timed ones that require you to activate something in a certain amount of time. Luckily, there's an option in the Challenge Level under Gameplay settings to extend the allotted time for solving a puzzle.

  7. Don't use healing stones right after you finish a fight
    If you just got out of the fight and have almost no health, don't run to use the healing stone that the enemy might have dropped. Wait for a couple of seconds and the game will automatically replenish some of your health and then you can use the healing stone to get some extra health.

  8. Level up your skills fast by farming big enemies
    Skills in God of War: Ragnarok can be levelled up and once you reach the Gold level, you can mod your weapons for increased damage, stun or elemental damage. You level up your skills by using them and the best way to do that quickly is to farm some big enemies in the early game. You can pretty much farm any big enemies you want, just make sure the fight is easy enough so you don't risk getting killed.


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