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God of War NG+ brings timed Realm Tears, stronger enemies, armour

Published: 20:29, 20 August 2018
Updated: 21:04, 20 August 2018
Kratos, protagonist of God of War looking away
God of War

God of War's New Game Plus is finally upon us, having been announced by Sony on this year's E3 and patiently waited upon by the most faithful of Kratos lovers, but the update brings much more than just starting a new game with some gear.

Not that starting a new game with the gear from your earlier playthrough is anything to be ignored of course, with many a God of War fan just waiting for an excuse to dig into Dad of War once again. The only condition so to speak is that you've finished the story once, although there are some features for new players as well.

Note that choosing your NG+ difficulty is not tied to your earlier playthrough, so you can mix and match until you find the one where you don't suck. Balrog and Co said that some enemies have new attack patterns and behaviours and that "maybe you should see how you hold up against the Valkyries this time around?"

There's timed Realm Tears as well and once you open a rift, running away is no longer helpful against Hel-Vikens and Revenants. Naturally, New Game Plus is repeatable indefinitely if you choose it to be.

As far as new cosmetics goes, there's plenty of it and you'll receive a new shield skin on your first playthrough alone. There's another waiting if you complete the game on Give Me God of War+ difficulty, too.

There are many new customisation options, which are basically juiced up version of existing ones. However, Kratos and Atreus have received a "handful of new armour sets", some of which are not just cosmetic in nature. Namely, God of War NG+ adds a chest piece that creates "massive explosions" when stomping on health or rage stones.

Sony Kratos is fighting the Stranger in his pimping new armour God of War - Valkyrie armour in the first boss fight

The patch is of course free and is already live on the PlayStation Network and it also adds some NG+ unrelated options, such as skipping cinematics at will, switching armour, easier transfer of all enchantments from one gear set to another etc.

You can find God of War's New Game Plus patch notes .

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