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Gears 5's Xbox Series X/S update lets you replay campaign as Batista

Published: 06:02, 24 October 2020
Gears 5 screenshot showing combat
Gears 5

While he didn't have much luck in getting into the Gears of War movie, The Coalition announced the next best thing for Dave Bautista - starring in Gears 5's campaign.

Batista himself said he's tried everything to be in the movie, but replacing Marcus Fenix is no small thing, and should be quite of a badge of honour for anyone familiar with how religiously gamers take these things. 

In addition to the rest of the improvements, which we will go into later, players will be able to relive the campaign in full. Batista got his own skin in Gears 5, another testament of fans' devotion, but this is much more than just a reskin. 

The team went ahead and redid the motion capture in order to make everything as smooth as possible, as well as rerecorded the dialogue.

Rod Fergusson, the franchise's former head honcho who left The Coalition to join Blizzard, has been in charge of this process before he departed. 

"Happy to finally show a picture from the very last thing I did on Gears of War - directing Dave Bautista to play Marcus Fenix in Gears 5 New Game+. It was a real pleasure working with you Dave and I can't wait for fans to experience it", he tweeted out. 

As for the improvements coming with Xbox Series X and S, some of them are listed in the trailer already, like 120 FPS and the New Game+ mode. It goes without saying that Gears 5 will take full advantage of Xbox Series X and S loading times, courtesy of the console's speedy SSD. 

So there you have it, Batista may not be in the movie, but now he's sorta got a whole game. 

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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Gears 5

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