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Gears 5 dumps scrap, Totem in favour of simpler system and Gears Coins

Published: 10:34, 10 July 2020
Gears 5 character fighting an enemy in a blue circle
Gears 5

According to The Coalition's latest announcement, Gears 5 is doing away with the current system of how players get items and swapping it for a simpler one.

"We understand that a player’s time is valuable and that the time you invest in a game should feel meaningful. Previously, we know some players felt limited in their ability to get the content. Beginning in Operation 4, we’re rolling out a new, simpler system that makes it easier to get the content you want", they wrote. 

Gears 5 players apparently found scrap and supply too complicated and occasionally unreliable, whereas the Totem system felt more like a barrier than a path to your desired character. 

Both are now gone and Gears 5 now unlocks characters whenever you get any character skin associated with that character. 

As a replacement, The Coalition introduced Gears Coins, which are an earnable currency that can be used to unlock pretty much everything. You can use them to upgrade skill cards as well, although things like Esports packs and select bundles will require actual purchase.

Gears Coins are earned simply by playing and The Coalition advises progressing through the Tour of Duty, where Gears 5 players can get characters, weapon skins and more, while raking in them coins. 

For those that finish the Tour, Gears 5 dev introduced the new Legend rank, which is above General. It lets you earn Gears Coins for as long as you play, and there are Coins to be won from Ranked and Escape. 

Microsoft artwork showing blue gears of war logo Gears 5

The Coalition said that all scrap balances and Totem progress, converting them into Gears Coins at the start of Operation 4. Gears 5 players will get a brand new, weekly-updated store, with a massive permanent collection, just in case you're worried what you'll do with the coins.

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