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Gears 5's Title Update 4 adding new Kantus villain, Gnasher changes

Published: 09:39, 21 January 2020
The Coalition
Gears 5 character Kantus
Gears 5, Kantus

Gears 5 is heading for one heck of a week as The Coalition is set to unleash the Title Update 4 today, 21 January 2020. Players are getting a new Kantus villain, Gnasher improvements, Icebound map changes, and a ton more.

For all the TL/DR enthusiasts out there, The Coalition's got the skinny:

  • Title Update 4 arrives Tuesday, January 21st
  • New Kantus Villain
  • Gnasher improvements coming in TU4 and beyond
  • Icebound Map Changes
  • TU4 Update Notes
  • Lunar New Year Versus Event
  • New Hive: The Line
  • Weekly Store Update


Kantus, whose lovely mug you can see above, has been built from the ground up so you can look as flashy as possible in Core or Arcade. The dev wrote that in Arcade, he's a mirror of Lizzie Carmine and comes with the following loadouts:

  • Passive: Hot Footed – Taking damage makes you move faster for a brief time
  • Loadout: Lancer, Talon, Smoke
  • Weapon Tree: Shock Grenade (2), Gnasher (4), Dropshot (6)
  • Skull Bounty: Multi-kill Eliminations

His Totem Challenges are as follows:

  • Earn 60,000 XP playing Versus, Horde or Escape with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Get 300 Eliminations with Locust Weapons with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Revive 75 Teammates with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Get 100 Assists in Versus with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Complete 6 Acts of Escape on Advanced difficulty or above with the Kantus Totem equipped

Note that if you bought the Operation 2: Free For All bundle, you'll get Kantus in your inventory for free, but if you didn't purchase it yet, he'll be added to the existing bundle with no increase in bundle pricing. 


After a lengthy investigation, Gears 5's dev will be tweaking the Gnasher in TU4 so it's back to its pre-TU3 consistency, with more updates to come at a later date.

Icebound Map Updates

The Coalition removed the mantle covers at the top of each tower's slope slide, so as to make the position more susceptible to flanking. The weapon layout has been tweaked to make countering tower positions easier and traversal on the ice area easier. 

The Coalition View of a sci-fi facility from Gears 5 Gears 5, Tower mantle covers

The Lock part's Frag Grenades are gone and replaced with a Dropshot. Cryo Cannon was moved to the centre of the ice in The Middle Ice part, where the Dropshot was previously. Trading Post's Cryo Cannon is moved and is now a Torque Bow. Market/Radio's Boltoks have been replaced with Enforcers. 

The Coalition Futuristic facility from Gears 5 Gears 5, Middle Ice

You can find the on Gears 5 website.

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