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Gears 5 operations shortened, S6 adding three new characters and map

Published: 00:36, 25 February 2021
The Coalition
Gears 5, Season 6 character Colonel Hoffman
Gears 5, Season 6 character Colonel Hoffman

Gears 5 developer The Coalition revealed some information on Season 6 contents, and we now know three new characters will join the roster - Colonel Victor Hoffman, the Locust Zealot and Queen Reyna.

Gears 5 developer has been listening to the community and their prayers for more content will come true in Season 6, when the team intends to deliver more content, more often. 

It comes with a price though - Gears 5 operations will be cut from 16 to 11 weeks, which should provide more action-packed and memorable operations. Additionally, the community's response to mid-operation content like the Carmines prompted The Coalition to aim for two drops per op - one at launch, the other mid-drop. 

Gears 5's new characters are quite a colourful lot, starting with battle hardened colonel. 

The Coalition Gears 5, Colonel Victor Hoffman Gears 5, Colonel Victor Hoffman

"A soldier to the core, Colonel Victor Hoffman was instrumental in leading the COG to victory against the UIR and Locust. To meet the Swarm threat, the retired commander founded Scorpio Squad as a return to his favored approach: to strike the enemy where they live."

The Coalition Gears 5, Queen Reyna Gears 5, Queen Reyna

"Transformed after death, Queen Reyna is the prime conduit through which the Swarm hive-mind courses. Once an Outsider leader and mother of Kait Diaz, Reyna’s reawakening now poses a threat of existential proportions to the humans of Sera."

The Coalition Gears 5, Locust Zealot Gears 5, Locust Zealot

"The Locust Zealot is the result of Ukkon’s experiments with Imulsion and Kantus physiology. These religious fanatics are unique in their ferocity and unmatched in their devotion to eradicating humanity from the planet."

Last but not least is the new map, Speyer, which takes place in a long-abandoned district with lots of close engagements. 

The Coalition promised even more news about Season 6 this week, so stay tuned.

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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