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Gamescom announces partner list for 2020

Published: 23:54, 15 July 2020
Gamescom 2020
Gamescom 2020

Gamescom 2020 is roughly one month away and the organisers are now showing the list of companies that will attend the show, with the full partner list being quite lengthy.

Gamescom is one of the world's biggest gaming conventions and highlights the year in gamers' calendars as one of the main places to see new games, trailers and other announcements. 

With everyone being mostly stuck at home due to Coronavirus, the show will not have any physical attendance but is sure to have massive viewership as everyone is anxious to see what the devs and publishers have in store for us.

Gamescom revealed the full list of their partners for 2020 , which includes Activision Blizzard. It is highly likely we will get to see some news regarding Shadowlands expansion here as it still doesn't have an exact release date while Gamescom will kick off on August 25. Who knows, this might even be where we get the actual release date.

Bethesda is another highlight one the list as everyone is anticipating a few more glimpses of the future games either developed or published by the company, such as Deathloop, Starfield and Ghostwire: Tokyo. Those with endless optimism might expect news on The Elder Scrolls VI as well but keep in mind that the project is still likely a few years away.

Tactical Adventures Screenshot of combat in Solasta: Crown of the Magister Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Solasta: Crown of the Magister doesn't have a release date yet but Tactical Adventures are listed as partners of the show so it's really not a stretch to assume that we will get more information about the game there, especially because the devs are not working on anything else at this time.

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