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Gabe Newell says PUBG is Steam's third top earner, ever

Published: 19:40, 09 March 2018
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PUBG, Steam's 3rd top earner

PUBG's immense popularity has recently been underlined by Valve's overlord Gabe Newell, whose latest card throw included a game nobody cares about and placing PUBG on third spot of Steam's all-time earners.

Moreover, PUBG is also the third best selling game on the platform, note the difference, making it steamy wet dream, golden goose and bestest of friends.

Newel hosted a roundtable interview in Valve's fortress recently, where he said the company's insistence on not making games and instead focusing on raking in $team bucks is an investment in the future.

PUBG Corp Two men and two men with weapons posing for PUBG PUBG Corp: Fever and Militia crate items

Valve's benevolent efforts have paid off in PUBG, Newell says - it is possible for a relatively new game to take the world by storm by capitalising on currently available technology. Well, that and the Chinese gaming market, Newell said.

When confronted about the company's idleness on the game development market, Newell said that the company's been trying to address that problem.

He proceeded to utter the name of a game we can't remember the name of, most likely because we care very little. Was it Freecell? Umm. No, that's a Microsoft exclusive.

AltChar A statue of a man holding his face with a PUBG logo in front PUBG facepalm

Unfortunately, Valve's head honcho didn't say anything about the cheating problem that's been steadily eating away at PUBG. Perhaps if he played a +2 Anti Cheat Protection card?

Newell didn't say the names of games that precede PUBG in Steam's top earners list, but we're guessing they're some of Valve's in-house titles. It would indeed make sense, since most Valve's titles have been around for a while, which in their book means the big bucks.

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