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Frostpunk release date announced with a trailer and price tag in tow

Published: 17:15, 09 March 2018
Updated: 09:12, 16 March 2018
11 bit studios
Promotional image for Frostpunk in icy colour scheme with the title written in front on a black emblem.

Frostpunk's release date has been revealed to be 24 April 2018. The reveal came along with a new trailer for the game branded ''Serenity'', as 11 bit studios are in their finishing stages of preparing the game for the open market.

11 bit studios have revealed the ''Serenity'' trailer that is shown above, named in high contrast to the game's grim tone and direction. Frostpunk is essentially a society survival game where you will be put in charge of the last city on Earth. Depending on how good your management and decision making are, your city might thrive or go down in turmoil. If the latter happens, it will rub off on you, as seen in the trailer.

Frostpunk has been garnering attention over the last few months and its release is highly anticipated. 11 bit studios originally planned to release the game during the first quarter of 2018 but had to push it back to 24 April because they ''needed this time for the final polishing required to deliver a game that, we believe, is the best 11 bit title so far''.

11 bit studios Frostpunk screenshot showing a city built around what seems to be a giant furnace. Frostpunk - Heat will be a central feature in the game. This town took it literally.

Frostpunk's digital version will be available on Steam, GOG and Humble store at launch for ‎‎£22 or 29,99$. Retail version is named ''Victorian Edition'' and it will include a hard copy of the game packed with a game art book. The book, named ''New London - The Art of Frostpunk'' is a hardcover showcase of the artwork and concept images from Frostpunk. This edition will cost ‎‎£25 or 34,99$ USD.

Grzegorz Miechowski, the managing director of 11 bit studios continued his statement, saying that production value is always the most important thing for them. This War of Mine was their previous unique game about making hard and morally ambiguous choices and they are looking to raise the stakes with Frostpunk.

11 bit studios Screenshot from Frostpunk showing a dialogue menu making the player choose between morality and pragmatism. Frostpunk - An example of hard choices between morality and pragmatism.

Come 24 April 2018, you players will have big shoes to fill in a battle against harsh environment, trying to ensure humanity's survival. Let's hope we don't get steam-cooked by an angry mob.

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