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Frostpunk gets a surprise update for Christmas with new content

Published: 09:54, 19 December 2018
11 bit studios
Picture for A Christmast Carol update for Frostpunk
Frostpunk - A Christmas Carol

Frostpunk stands at 87 per cent positive reviews on Steam and one of the reasons is the great post-launch support 11 bit studios provided. In that spirit, they have launched a surprise update named A Christmas Carol, along with a new quest.

11 bit studios recently launched the last planned update for Frostpunk in 2018 and with it, added the Endless mode players have been waiting for. Now, the developers also launched another update that was not announced, called A Christmas Carol, that will bring some festive joy to the usually gloomy game. As per 11 bit studios' custom, the update is a free one.

It's not even one of those minor updates that simply redecorate a map like many AAA games do, but this one adds an entirely new quest that will be baked deep into Frostpunk's society survival mechanics. It will add a completely new quest line, bearing the same name as the update.

A Christmas Carol is available only in Endless mode, and players will get access to a new building, on top of the new quest line. It's not a building per se, but rather a Christmas tree that will let players provide benefits to citizens' morale, but since festivities usually mean feasts, it will be a double-edged sword since a food shortage may swoop in immediately after the holidays.

This is not some cruel plot by 11 bit studios to ruin Christmas for everyone, but rather a way to keep in character of Frostpunk's premise, where no good comes without harsh consequences. It is a game about survival in extremely harsh conditions, after all.

11 bit studios Frostpunk screenshot showing a city built around what seems to be a giant furnace. Frostpunk - Heat will be a central feature in the game. This town took it literally.

A Christmas Carol is free, and is already available to all Frostpunk owners, so you can already hop in and spread that holiday cheer around your town. Just don't overdo it, you may end up being killed by a mob of hungry citizens. You can read the full patch notes on Frostpunk's .

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