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11 bit Studios post Frostpunk roadmap filled with free DLC

Published: 16:27, 02 June 2018
11 bit Studios
Concept art for Frostpunk by 11 bit Studios showing a giant furnace

Post apocalyptic politics simulator Frostpunk now has a roadmap for 2018. 11 bit Studios have announced five bigger updates that will happen during the year as well as minor ones - bug fixes, stability tweaks and other maintenance chores.

First order of business for 11 bit Studios will be to add a new mode called Survivor. By the sound of its description, the mode seems to be more along the lines of modifiers such as Second Wave in XCOM rather than a fully fleshed out new mode. According to 11 bit Studios, this mode will unlock new modifiers "that will make you sweat" so if you enjoyed masochistic pleasures of Long War on Impossible Iron Man in XCOM, this may be your jam.

Players have been asking for more customisation in Frostpunk and the developers will deliver just that with the second major update. This update will introduce customisation options for citizens and automatons, with 11 bit Studios noting they might add more updates of this kind in the future but nothing is promised yet.

Third time is the charm apparently and the third update will be the largest one for Frostpunk. It will introduce a new scenario called The Builders. This scenario will have its own story and challenges. Other than that, 11 bit Studios chose not to share any info on their largest content update of 2018.

The next update will introduce Endurance, a new game mode that will apparently be an endless type of sandbox mode for Frostpunk. According to the developers, it will be a unique take on the feature. Much like with The Builders, the info on Endurance is scarce at the moment.

The Fifth update will focus on the artistic side of the player base, by bring the highly sought after photo mode. It's rather self explanatory, but 11 bit Studios claim they have a special surprise for this update, but they're not going to reveal it yet.

11 bit studios Frostpunk screenshot showing a city built around what seems to be a giant furnace. Frostpunk - Heat will be a central feature in the game. This town took it literally.

The studio's plans for the game don't end there though, as they have announced they have plenty ideas they would like to implement into Frostpunk, but they due to time restrictions. Bug fixes and stability tweaks will be coming regularly between the major updates, with no finite number in mind.

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