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Mass Effect 2 for zero money on Origin

Published: 11:59, 06 January 2017
Mass Effect 2

With Mass Effect: Andromeda just around the corner, EA wants you to reacquaint yourself with the series for free

Promotional efforts for Mass Effect: Andromeda are in full swing. If you are unbothered by being the target of marketing, and enjoy free games, you can get Mass Effect 2 for free off Origin, at the time of writing.

Andromeda will probably be packed with references to the previous game, so it might be a good idea to freshen up. As a side note, you will not be able to get the new instalment to the series on Steam, so you can help yourself to a free copy of Origin now.

BioWare Picture of Shepard in the N7 armour in Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2

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