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Cliff Bleszinski called Epic out for hiring members of his team

Published: 15:30, 14 April 2018
Updated: 02:54, 05 October 2018
Cliff Bleszinski is looking in the distance with an Mk 2 Lancer Rifle replica.
Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski is well known as a figure with controversial views and explosive PR stunts. In the latest case of CliffyB's escapades, he called Epic Games out for the habit of hiring members of his team in Boss Key Productions.

Cliff Bleszinski took to Twitter to call Epic Games out for allegedly poaching his team's members. He tweeted that Boss Key Productions have been happy with Radical Heights' "X-treme Early Access" launch while simultaneously asking Epic Games to stop trying to hire away his team. The note included a GIF saying "Not cool.".

Apparently the leaving of the other Boss Key co-founder wasn't the end of CliffyB's woes, but only the start. Arjan Brussee left Boss Key Productions in December 2017 and returned to Epic Games where both of them previously worked. Brussee later confirmed that his departure was in order to work on a " ". 

The departure marked another confirmation for LawBreakers' road to failure, which eventually brought Boss Key Productions' future into question. The trend of jumping the ship apparently continued, which could be caused by Brussee's switch to Epic Games as it's easy to conclude he would want to continue working with familiar faces, which would prompt him to bring in familiar talent.

BossKey LawBreakers LawBreakers

This theory could especially gain traction because LawBreakers actually turned out to be a polished game that just failed due to bad marketing and confused mission statement. This whole PR mess should be taken with a grain of salt though, as CliffyB's statements and predictions haven't always

Epic Games have not responded so far so the whole story is still under wraps for the moment, even though some players are inclined to believe they're indeed trying to dismantle the team behind Radical Heights, since it bears a resemblance to Fortnite's cartoony graphics and shares the same genre. CliffyB poked the bear even further by implying this to be the case.

Editor's Note: This article used to have a lot more linked and embedded tweets, but Cliffy decided those should be deleted. Since we can't link to something that doesn't exist anymore, you will just have to take our word for it.


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