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Epic Games still fixing Fortnite's Playgrounds limited time mode

Published: 12:21, 02 July 2018
Epic Games
Picture of Playground mode announcement with stencil letters on top of it reading "On Hold"
Fortnite Battle Royale - Playgrounds on hold

Epic Games have released the Playgrounds limited time mode along with update 4.5 on 27 June 2018, but removed it shortly afterwards due to issues preventing players from launching the mode. The devs have been trying to fix this ever since.

On the flip side of mode, Epic Games have re-enabled shopping carts so we can keep our sweet rides featuring one horsepower for a while longer. According to Epic Games, Playgrounds was originally pulled due to players not being able to actually play it and they have announced that the mode wouldn't be coming before this week kicks off, ergo the one starting on 02 July 2018.

The kicker is, it's still not here even though the developers have been "hammering away" . At the time of writing, Playgrounds has been AWOL for five days, but according to the linked tweet, there should be more information coming . That said, players don't seem to be distressed at the moment as they are mostly voicing support for Epic, wishing it to be done right and without a rush.

There is no doubt the team is not slacking off as Epic have chosen not to go into radio silence, but rather keep posting on Twitter even during the weekend. Some of the announcements include the new Eagle emote, likely in preparation for USA's Independence Day but it's hearwarming to see they didn't go too serious with it and decided to stay in Fortnite's truly kooky spirit. You can preview the rather hilarious emote , but sadly it doesn't include any fireworks.

Sunday was also a work day at Epic Games, as they have announced and enabled the Battle Hound outfit as well as Silver Fang pickaxe on 01 July 2018. both can be previewed on the picture below.

Epic Games Some nutjob is wearing a scary chinese mask while posing next to a polearm Fortnite Battle Royale - Battle Hound and Silver Fang Pickaxe

Those who actually managed to get into the Playground mode say that they didn't encounter any issues with the mode itself, so the problems with it not launching are likely tied to servers being overloaded. It remains to be seen when Epic Games might fix the issues and this article will get promptly updated. 

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