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Fortnite's 7.40 content update driftboards and Driftin' LTM

Published: 13:29, 19 February 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite's newly added means of transportation - the drift board
Fortnite: Battle Royale, drift board

Epic Games are back to their usual schedule with no delays this time, as the 7.40 content update for Fortnite: Battle Royale has just added driftboards, along with a limited time mode for players to put them to use called Driftin' LTM.

Sweeney and Co wrote that driftboards let you "fire at enemies, pull off tricks, and boost towards victory using this limited time item" and can be found scattered across the map.

Players can use weapons or items while on the driftboard. Same goes for looting and even reviving allies that have been knocked down. Building, however, will require dismounting the board.

As for the mode, Driftin' divides players into two teams with 32 players each, while removing all the chests and ammo boxes from Fortnite's island.

Fortnite players will be depending on red supply drops, which should be plentiful, with each drop containing a driftboard, guns and some ammunition.

To encourage drifting even more, Epic made sure that riding a driftboard regenerates health and shields, albeit slow. No matter how slow though - it's still a welcome boost between kills.

Fortnite's 7.40 update also continues with Catch LTM, which is the game's no-guns mode that, as you could've guessed from the name, features a lot of explosives chucking and tossing. We're talking about clingers, remote explosives, Port-a-Forts as well as smoke, impulse and shockwave 'nades.

With the 7.40 update, Fortnite Creative also got the new driftboard as well as the infantry rifle, which was added to the game . The World War II reminiscent rifle comes in common, uncommon and rare flavours, each dealing 41, 43 and 45 damage, respectively.

Fortnite's much-maligned glider redeploy feature is back as well, but only in Fortnite Creative. You can find it in the Consumable tab in the Creative Inventory.

Epic Games Fortnite's newly added 'vehicle' - the drift board Fortnite: Battle Royale, drift board

's update also saw Epic's Share the Love Valentine's surprise that can earn you a free Season 8 Battle Pass if you complete the 13 free Overtime challenges by 27 February 2019, so you've still ample time.

You can find Fortnite's full 7.40 patch notes on the official website .

Fortnite: Battle Royale, Epic Games' holiday flavoured Season 7

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