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Fortnite World Cup winner doesn't get to keep all of his winnings

Published: 17:12, 01 August 2019
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Fortnite World Cup winner in Solos category
Fortnite World Cup, Solos winner

It turns out that Fortnite World Cup's 16-year old winner Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf won't get to keep all of his winnings, due to his contract with the esports team Sentinels, which stipulates they're entitled to a share of the money.

Giersdorf's winnings were $3 million, but according to his contract with Sentinels, he will take home $2.4 million, while the team gets $600,000.

The contract is a regular one and Giersdorf and his family said they're perfectly fine with it, and they even had a lawyer look through it before Sentinels signed Bugha to a one-year contract.

Of course, not all esports players have had the privilege of fair contracts, and you probably heard about Tfue, whose contract with FaZe was sprinkled with questionable splits for various sponsorship deals. 

“There are tons of players at the lower tier that still don’t have a good handle on the business side of being an esports player,” said Sentinels' lawyer Bryce Blum.

This has much to do with a largely unregulated industry, and while things are certainly getting better, it's unfortunately mostly on the back of bad practices.

Thankfully, Bugha's case is definitely not one of them and his carreer is certainly off to a good start. Namely, his Fortnite World Cup win is his first major esports competition, which he comfortably won, not to mention that up to a few decades ago, the only thing you used to get for playing games were knuckle sandwiches.

Fortnite World Cup has been confirmed as the most-watched  event, and that's just counting YouTube and Twitch. A number of players viewed it through Fortnite's Picture-in-Picture, i.e. watching it while playing, and via other platforms, but the metric we're talking about does not include China.

Epic Games Fortnite World Cup 2019 logo Fortnite World Cup

Giersdorf has become quite famous in the meantime, being on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and amassing a huge number of followers on social platforms. Apparently, he's yet to meet his new teammates, but Sentinels founder said he's invited Giersdorf and his teammates to Los Angeles before the school year begins. 


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