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Fortnite World Cup sees a 16-year-old win record $3 million

Published: 07:07, 29 July 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite World Cup winner in Solos category
Fortnite World Cup, Solos winner

Whether you love it or hate it, Fortnite has proven impossible to ignore, doubly so when it comes to Fortnite World Cup, where 16-year-old Kyle Giesdorf now managed to win $3 million in prize money, as part of the $30 million prize pool.

Epic have been the excitement over Fortnite World Cup finals for a while now, and the record-breaking prize pool of $30 million is proof enough. Heck, that sort of dough would surely make even the most ardent detractors reconsider their stance.

Fortnite World Cup runner up was another teenager, Jaden Ashman, and he won around $1.4 million in Fortnite duos. This is definitely not too shabby, but Epic haven't exactly been skimping on prize pool money, so it's not a surprise either

In fact, the dev has forked out a million dollars for each of the 10 qualifier weeks, so it's clear that Fortnite's esports aspirations are something Epic takes pretty seriously

As for the Fortnite World Cup finals, Giersen, better known by his in-game handle Bugha, has had quite a relaxed final stretch. He told BBC that he will use the prize money to buy a new desk, and potentially another one for the trophy.

Fortnite World Cup's $30 million prize pool is said to be a record prize pool sum for the incredibly lucrative yet still fledgeling industry, although it could be matched by Valve's Dota, which recently raced by the $ figure.

Sweeney and Co's tournament has attracted players from more than 30 nations across the globe, with the US being the brunt of it with 70 players. In comparison, only 14 players came from France while the UK sent 11. 

Popular player Shroud recently stated that if esports is something you plan to make a living off of, Fortnite is probably the best bet, quite rightfully so.

Epic Games Fortnite World Cup winners in Duos category Fortnite World Cup, Duos winners

Of course, he also mentioned that Epic don't know how to make their game so they just compensate with cash, but that doesn't make the above statement any less true.

In related news, Epic's latest Fortnite Season 10 teaser seems to suggest we'll see Dusty Depot return to the game. Remember Dusty Depot? Well, Pepperidge Farm remembers. 

You can learn more in BBC's or on Epic's official .

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