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Fortnite World Cup becomes most-watched competitive gaming event

Published: 20:05, 31 July 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite World Cup winners in Duos category
Fortnite World Cup, Duos winners

Epic Games have concluded the Fortnite World Cup and there's some great news for the battle royale fans as the event drew in 2.3 million viewers and officially became the most-watched competitive gaming event ever, excluding China that is.

The company said that more than 40 million people participated in the event, culminating with the $30 million prize pool for Fortnite World Cup Solos, $3 million for Creative Finals and another $3 million for the Charity Pro-Am.

Back when they announced the Fortnite , Epic revealed the Open Online Qualifiers and it turns out that the players who competed in them came from more than 200 countries across the globe.

As for the fans who attended the finals in person, there were more than 19,000 of them, although we're talking about a three-day festival here, not a single event.

Nevertheless, the numbers are banging and 2.3 million viewers across YouTube and Twitch doesn't tell the whole story. Namely, this does not include players who were watching the Fortnite World Cup via the in-game Picture-in-Picture feeds, or other platforms for that matter.

Fortnite World Cup's winner in the Solos category was Bugha, who won $3 million. Duos were won by Aqua and Nyhrox, who split the $3 million reward.

Epic weren't only about clicking heads either, as Fortnite Creative Cup came with a $1,345,000 prize pool split between Cizzorz, Hiimtylerh, Suezhoo and Zand.

Fortnite World Cup also hosted the Pro-Am charity tournament that saw Ninja and Marshmello , but they came in 11th, a bit short of the top 10. Airwaks and RL Grime seem to be establishing some dominance here, and their standing means a charity won $1 million.

Epic Games Fortnite World Cup winner in Solos category Fortnite World Cup, Solos winner

Epic also revealed that as of Season X, there will be weekly Fortnite competitions, and the Season X Championship will have a leaderboard to track your progress over the course of a season. Epic didn't say what the prize was but they said that "millions of dollars [are] at stake".

You can learn more and find exact standings on the .

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