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Fortnite's Week 6 has Easter Island stones and timed tasks

Published: 19:11, 16 August 2018
Epic Games
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Epic seem to be keen on enticing more players into purchasing Fortnite's Battle Pass as this week's gimmick challenge, which is usually reserved for the paying customers, comes in the free section and looks like those Easter Island statues.

Of course, I'm pretty sure that Fortnite's cheapskating battalion won't mind feeling a little privileged for once, even if it doesn't last. There were no changes in the structure though - three challenges for the freeloaders and four for them rich sods.

First up is dealing 500 headshot damage to opponents, which I find to be much better than tasks when you're just supposed to eliminate opponents. Not that killing other Fortniters isn't satisfying, it's just that Epic will have you polish up on your aim at the same time. The second challenge is harvesting 3,000 resources with a pickaxe and both of these challenges earn you 5 battle stars.

The third challenge is the one I've already mentioned and although Epic seem to have given their stones a slight visual twist, they're moais alright. These mysterious statues grace Easter Island and see - Epic may even have you learn a thing or two.

Anyway, you're supposed to search where the statues' looks intercept, but in case you're not keen on looking - we've got you covered with our map below. And it'll earn you 10 battle stars in the process.

Kicking off the Battle Pass challenges is an easy task of searching through seven chests in Lonely Lodge. Well, easy enough. The second challenge, however, may prove to be a bit trickier as you'll have to complete time trials, which we've marked on the map below.

You may want to stock up on building materials though, as once you start the time trial, some will be easier reached by, ahem, construction work. Both of these challenges are classified as easy and earn you 5 stars.

AltChar Map for Fortnite's Season 5, Week 6 challenges Fortnite, Season 5, Week 6

The last two challenges are two minigun or light machine gun eliminations and fragging three opponents in Tilted Towers, each earning you 10 battle stars. As usual, completing four challenges earns you 6,000 XP, although, again as usual, you'll be needing Fortnite's Battle Pass to do so. Happy hunting.


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