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Fortnite now has Fortnite Professional Players' Association

Published: 10:28, 07 October 2019
Epic Games
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A group of 16 prominent players have now founded the Fortnite Professional Players' Association, where they're hoping to establish a proper, professionally-handled platform via which to discuss the future of Fortnite's competitive scene.

"Today, we announce the or The Fortnite Professional Players' Association. It is an independent worldwide collective of professional Fortnite players, meant to provide us platform to voice our opinions on the future of the competitive scene of Fortnite, so that we may have the most productive dialogue possible with the developers", the announcement reads. 

So far, the FPPA lists 16 reputable members of Fortnite's competitive scene, eight each from North America and Europe. These are:

North America

  • NRG Zayt
  • 100T Elevate
  • FaZe Megga
  • TSM Zexrow
  • Ghost Bizzle
  • SEN
  • Liquid
  • CLG Leno


  • NRG Benjyfishy
  • E11 Boyer
  • LZR Rojo
  • Cooler Aqua

  • Fnatic Motor
  • SolaryKinstaar
  • Skite

This should be just the start, at least according to the FPPA, who are keen on adding more members and regions. "We will be inviting more professional players to join the collective as regular members in the coming weeks, so that we may reflect the voice of the entire professional community", they wrote. 

Obviously, the need for such an organisation indicates a need for better communication with Epic Games as of late, and their recent exploits with B.R.U.T.E. mechs made that painfully obvious. The overwhelming discontent spilt over into just about every Fortnite's social channel until it was darn near impossible to discern sensible criticism from raging insult-chucking. 

Ultimately, the lack of a unified voice helped paint a picture of a company that's not very interested in hearing what its own competitive scene has to say - not a very good look indeed.  

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We're yet to see whether forming the FPPA will help Fortnite's competitive scene have a clearer say in game-related matters, or whether Epic will be more responsive to their collective opinions, but there's one way to see. We suppose that the FPPA their own fight for legitimacy, as they'll be looking to add more names to their membership list. 

You can find the announcement on their newly opened .

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