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Fortnite: New Year's event kicks off, will cover all time zones

Published: 15:00, 31 December 2019
Epic Games
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Much like they did last year, Epic are planning a big visual show for the end of the year in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Depending on where you are, the event has officially kicked off and will eventually cover all the time zones.

As you can see, Fortnite players will be waiting for the huge disco ball to come down with a countdown, after which they'll be treated to a fireworks show. 

The fireworks will draw a gigantic 2020 across the Fortnite sky, after which you're left to wish for whatever you wish for in 2020. Not that you'll get it, but you know - you're free to wish as many as you'd like. 

We're fairly certain that many fans will wish for more detailed patch notes, as Epic stopped releasing those ever since Fortnite entered its Chapter 2. 

While they did list the main changes in the patch notes that came later, Epic steered well clear of any details, even to the point where subreddits started creating their own, crowdsourced patch notes. Those were surprisingly accurate after a few days, but they were still not official. 

On the other hand, the new Fortnite patch note format did indeed address much of the negative feedback, the sort that didn't care about how the game felt after the changes, but instead solely focused on the numbers and the resulting assumptions. Epic was probably hoping for this, but it remains to be seen how this works long-term with the more competitive part of the community.

As for the New Year, Epic and Fortnite: Battle Royale will be hoping to reach new heights and while we're compelled to say that new heights will be a tall order, the two somehow always find a way to surprise once more. We suppose it will be equally as exciting on Epic's side, what with all the revenue split ruckus, but first things first - happy New Year everyone. 

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