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Fortnite getting biomes, map changes and a new city

Published: 19:28, 13 January 2018
Updated: 16:08, 28 August 2019
Poster for the game Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic’s Fortnite: Battle Royale seems to be living the good life and is looking at what devs have called the first major update in 2018. The patch will bring changes to the West part of the map, new points of interest and ‘Biomes’.

So, the ‘arcadey’ alternative to its somewhat more serious counterpart, you guessed it - PUBG, is getting a new update that will shake up the West part of the map, with devs mentioning newly named areas in the region. Apparently, they felt that part of the map was “light on points of interest” and that players needed more interesting spots to drop onto. There will also be a new city area.

The update will introduce a more clearly defined ‘Biomes’, as developers call it, something like independent geographical units of sorts. In practice, this means that a look of a certain area will better reflect its Biome, or as devs nicely put it: “the swamp feels swampier and the mountains will feel more mountaney”.

In response to incessant enquiries over whether users will get to keep holiday event items, devs responded saying that Christmas Trees and related treasure chests will be removed with the upcoming update. Apparently, they feel that the new points of interest will provide a good balance of rare and common loot items, so the aforementioned chests would only disturb this balance.

Epic Games Game character shooting an M16 in Fortnite Nvidia ShadowPlay

We’ve got to admit - for a game in Early Access phase, Fortnite is damn near impressive. Even though devs call the upcoming update the first major one, you may recall that 2018 already brought , among other things, and there's no doubt the game already looks a decently polished package. Yes, unlike its officially launched, somewhat more serious survival shooting counterpart.

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