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Fortnite patch adds crossbow and Valentine's Day skins

Published: 21:38, 07 February 2018
Epic Games
Valentine's Day themed skins from the game Fortnite
Valentine's Day skins in Fortnite patch 2.4.2

Hot on the heels of patch 2.4.0, Fortnite devs are already rolling out version 2.4.2, proving once and for all they have no life whatsoever. Mind you, we are pretty grateful for that. Amongst standard bug fixes and tweaks, the patch brings Valentine's Day skins and a new weapon - the crossbow.

We're not really sure how the whole Valentine's Day theme fits into Fortnite's shoot-thy-neighbour philosophy but I guess it's just skins. After all, next to foreskin, it might be most skin most players will see over the "holiday".

Epic Games Yellow crossbow from the game Fortnite against a pink backdrop Crossbows will come in Rare and Epic variants

I know what you are thinking, this stuff shoots Cupid’s arrows but trust us when we tell you that you won't be getting any love here. The Fortnite team says that the new weapon will help "eliminate your targets with stealth and finesse", much like love, just over a much shorter period and no loss of in-game currency. Devs say arrows "are an unlimited ammo type" and are "found from floor loot and treasure chests". The weapon itself comes in Rare and Epic flavours.

The Shooting Test #1 limited time mode will now be available in Solo only, although progression in stats and challenges is not saved. The patch will buff shotgun head shot damage from 150 to 200 percent as well as ensure 100 percent accuracy and eliminate damage fall off for scoped assault rifles.

As far as bug fixes go, players will apparently no longer slide off rooftops and developers addressed some graphics glitches in the item shop. Also fixed was the hole south of Retail Row and the Chomp Jr. pickaxe audio harshness.

The patch is planned for release on Thursday, 08 February, 2018. You can find out more on .


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