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Fortnite's gnomes have returned, Epic sticks it to data miners

Published: 12:09, 21 June 2018
Epic Games
The mysterious villain lair from Fortnite: Battle Royale

Epic Games seem to have finally stuck it to data miners, instead choosing to keep their Fortnite: Battle Royale cards as close to the chest as possible. And kept them they did but now it's time for Week 8 challenges for Battle Pass holders.

We've got to admit though, we may even miss the brave data miners of the Fortnite mines, since they did religiously crack just about every set of challenges Epic has thrown their way. No more though, as the company rolled out Week 8 challenges without anyone having a clue what they'll do next.

As usual, we're looking at seven Week 8 challenges, where clearing at least four earns you 5K XP, so let's dive in. First up is dealing 250 headshot damage to opponents, so better get that aim steady. Although, to be fair, you'll probably finish it without thinking.

The next Fornite challenge is searching through seven chests in Salty Springs, which is nothing a few drops can't fix. Unless you're just Flash or something, which does make me wonder whether it can be done in one drop. With the third challenge being rummaging through seven chests in a match, trying to pull it off becomes an even more appealing challenge.

Peculiarly, Epic brought back the hungry gnomes, who are our fourth Fortnite challenge of the day. Not that we don't love the little guys, it's just that the the company rarely rehashes these challenges. However, and this is a big however, they do seem to rehash an earlier challenge every time there's something big coming up, like the once dreaded comet , which doesn't seem to be doing squat at the moment.

Nevertheless, we've got you covered - just glance at the map and follow the menacing chuckle these Snow White rejects are letting off once you're close. Next up is searching between a bear, crater and refrigerator shipment, although we've skipped right to the star part on our map. What? You're not here for sightseeing, sheesh.

AltChar Map detailing Fortnite's Battle Pass weekly challenges in S4W8 Fortnite

All the aforementioned challenges yield five stars, being classified as easy, while the following are said to be hard and rake in 10 stars. It's strange though, I don't seem to recall any Fortnite challenge that was actually hard. Except for getting up of course.

Anyway, the hard challenges are eliminating three enemies with suppressed weapons and eliminating three enemies in Pleasant Park, both of which can be completed in a single swoop so you may actually tidy these up long before the day is done. I wonder what's up with the rocket though?

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