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Fortnite gets second Season 9 teaser, slightly different slogan

Published: 18:53, 07 May 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite, Season 9, teaser image showing futuristic female soldier
Fortnite, Season 9

Epic Games rolled out the second teaser of Fortnite's upcoming Season 9, and while it seems as vague as the first one, it comes with a slightly different slogan. This time, it says 'The Future is Bright' instead of 'The Future is Unknown'.

Well, the future may be bright, but we're still in the dark, and the only thing we know about Fortnite's Season 9 is that it will stick to futuristic themes.

Unlike yesterday's tease, which looked like a robot of some sort, today's teaser image shows a female character in futuristic armour.

Fortnite's new tease has the letter E, but "NE" doesn't really say anything yet, so we'll have to wait for a few more from Epic.

One user suggested it stands for 'Never Revert', which gave us a chuckle, because players have been flooding Epic's tweets with requests to revert the game to the version that included Siphon .

Epic have already started reshaping the map, and Saturday's event was quite unique in that it allowed players to choose which weapon they want to unvault.

Fortnite players chose the most ridiculously op weapon of them all, the drum gun. The general consensus seems to be that it's going away once Season 9 has kicked off, but until then, we'll have to deal with its player and construction melting capabilities.

Epic already said that the drum gun will not be in this week's competitive play, but there are six more weeks left of Fortnite's World Cup qualifiers, so we're not sure whether they plan to extend this courtesy for the remainder of the competition.

Knowing that Epic insisted that fair play is one of their priorities, it would stand to reason that the drum gun is omitted from competitive play entirely.

Epic Games Fortnite, Season 9, first teaser image Fortnite, Season 9

As for Season 9, the flattening of Tilted Towers suggests Epic once again have big plans for Fortnite, and with the chaotic nature of the map, the drum gun actually fits the narrative.

Epic confirmed in the earlier teaser for Season 9 that it starts 09 May 2019, so two more days.

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